Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Derry, we realized very quickly, and all of Northern Ireland is still very politically charged. These are some of the murals that we saw in one part of the city. There was a period of about 30 years political unrest that ended just recently. These murals are depicting some riots between the nationalists and the republicans in the early 90's. It was safe, but a little creepy.
Conflict was not something new to this are though. These are the ancient walls of the city from the 1600's. At one point in that time there was another massive conflict. Protestants versus Catholics then. It was pretty amazing to be able to walk all the way around the top of this city wall.
On our walk we saw what we thought was a really beautiful church....
We were quickly corrected that it was in fact their city hall building, which is when we decided that reverence was not necessary. Rope em' cannon! Yee Haw
We got to go inside their hearing room. It looked kind of like one of the rooms in one of the house buildings in DC. So I thought I would get down to business and make some things happen, whip that city into shape. No more war! Done.

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