Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Great Drive

You will soon see why I call this day the great drive. This little waterfall was a much needed break. We left Galway at about 10am. About 1pm we saw a sign for this Glencar Waterfall and jumped off the highway. Sometimes that doesn't work out so well, but today it was fantastic! Not only were we able to see this beautiful waterfall...
It was also next to this really picturesque little lake with swans in it and sheep all around. How dreamy! We sat and ate our lunch here for a while

This is the only day so far that it has been rainy. It rained off and on which kind of added to the beauty of the landscape with those misty clouds hanging on all the mountains. From there we kept driving...

Our stopping point was this little town outside some other little town right near the tallest sea cliffs in europe and some great day hikes. This is the view from one of the pullout areas. Really stunning landscape. We got there about 5pm and found the hostle which turned out to be 16 euro and pretty sketchy.

So we had seen this other one down the road for 7 euro, which sounded fantastic. So we headed back there to check it out. We couldn't see where to enquire about it so Renee talked to a farmer just up the road who happened to be the owner. He had only remnants of his teeth and smelled pretty bad. He showed us the place, which was not impressive and then invited us up to his house for tea and to get the sheets. Poor guy really just wanted some company I think. Renee and Hannah were pretty freaked out at this point. I have stayed in way shadier places so I was still thinking this was an awesome deal. We took a walk down a walking path and picked wild blackberries and chatted about it. They were really not up for it so we had to go tell the farmer that we were going to move on down the road. Like I said he really just needed some company. He was making us tea and really tried to convince us to stay, said he had lost two people the day before as well. Sad.... For him and for us too. I wanted to do a little hiking so we tried to find this little arch we had seen on the top of a hill, but couldn't find the road to get there. So we bagged it altogether and started driving again by about 6pm. We had to drive all the way back down this isolated peninsula and to the next big town which was another 2 hours. So we have finally made it after a full day of driving, me hacking up a lung and dripping snot all day long and lurching around in the stick shift. Not my favorite day. In the end we are in Derry and saved 4 euro each on the hostel. Not worth it in my opinion - the opportunity cost was very high. But alas here we are.

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Patricia Peterson said...

Denise I'm so enjoying watching your fun travels! I was thinking you were in England, but it looks like you are in Ireland?? Again still wondering what class you are taking and when or if you have started working. Patricia Peterson
P.s. the word I have to verify at the bottom is 'cownide' which is reminding me of the cowHide!