Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Giants Causeway

This is the giants causeway. It was created by some kind of crazy volcanic eruption. A more interesting story though is that it was built by a giant in Ireland so his opponent, a Scottish giant, could walk across the channel (boats can't hold giants you know) and fight him. Legend has it that when the Irish giant saw the Scottish giant coming he was so big that he was afraid and ran home to his wife to see what to do (smart giant...) and her idea was to dress him up like a baby and put him in a crib she made up really fast. When the Scottish giant came looking for him his wife had him in to tea. She pleaded with him not to wake their baby. When the Scottish giant saw the size of the Irish giants baby he was afraid and ran back across this land bridge to Scotland and tore up the causeway behind him so the Irish giant could not follow him.
This is apparently what giants look like...
What incredible cliffs. it reminded us of a mix between the Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park.
This is supposedly the giants shoe...
I think they called this feature the organ, we were of course too cheap to pay a euro to watch the informational video.

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