Tuesday, September 1, 2009

YSA Convention - Day 1

I feel as though my arrival time here in the UK was divinely mandated. I happened to arrive a week prior to a big convention put on by the church of all the young single adults in all of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This was perfect for my purposes of connecting with people my age and making some friends from around the country, which I was able to do. I will start at the beginning and get to this picture shortly. Friday night I met my benefactor (the one that had arranged for me to stay in the attic room in her dads house) Charlott. She and I drove about 4.5 hours to Manchester together chatting the whole way. Turns out that we are quite similar and had a lot in common, so the drive was even fun. We got there about 11:30 and pretty much just checked into our rooms, we stayed at the university in their dorms. Everyone in university here has their own room and bathroom...posh! So Saturday they had a bunch of classes for us to do....some religion classes but mostly just fun stuff. Massage, salsa dancing, hip hop dancing (I did that one) and drawing and then just a bunch of other random things as well. They shipped in a bunch of snow...from who knows where for a snowball fight and then as you can see in the picture above they had a bunch of blow up toys to play on. So it was a pretty fun day. I mostly hung out with Charlott and a couple other people she is friends with. Turns out she was an excellent connection for me.
So, this is me, Lauren, Felicity and Charlott at the Ball. That was the event for the night...not just a dance, a Ball. I of course had not packed my ball gown so Charlott lent me something she had that worked tolerably well. These are the girls I mostly hung out with for the weekend, great fun girls.
I think the highlight of the ball was the carousel they had. How dreamy! The girl in the middle is Ella, I hung out with her a lot as well.
Here I am with Charlotte, you can see those white tents in the background...again dreamy. They had a couple of those set up with tables under.
Here is the band. They had a singer too and would play all kinds of classic dance music. The band would have the band play for a half hour or so and then they would take a break and a dj would come on and play more popular music that everyone could dance to. The night in general was very magical

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