Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Today we spent the day in the village of Binca. Unfortunately because of some village politics we were unable to do any medical or dental work :( thank goodness for Rachel who is around to negotiate all of that. So I guess in the past there had been some nervousness within their village about Rachel's humanitarian group and Satanism... She said that last time she came they had thrown everything away! Anyway, she wanted to make sure we really emphasized that we were a group associated with Christ. So we all gathered together.... There were several hundred of them.... Mostly school kids and they sang us this beautiful native song. ( they don't speak shona here but a lesser known native tongue called Tonga.) And then we sang God be with you til we meet again for them and prayed with them and then did a massive distribution. We were in the school house and I was just in charge of sorting out the clothes. It was really hot and kind of mindless manual labor and it felt good to work hard. I was glad I was not the one handing things out though..... That was stressful the other day. We probably handed out clothing, blankets and school supplies for about 2 hours once we got organized and when we were done we all met again outside and they thanked us for coming and this time their leader prayed for us in return. After the prayer we just got rushed with all these people that wanted to shake our hands and say thank you and God bless you. Closest I will ever come to bring a celebrity. It was really nice to connect with them individually for just a minute and to look into their eyes and just smile at each other. I still don't really like the idea of hand outs but these people do seem to be legitimately grateful. So thus ends our humanitarian work... Tonight we head on to Victoria falls and Botswana for a little tourism time. I don't feel like I helped much but I guess something is better than nothing. Still to early to process all this and how it will affect me in the long run. I'll get to that later..... For now it's time to enjoy all the beauties of Africa!

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