Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Playing in the waves

This evening we grabbed some food and then headed back to the beach to relax and enjoy the sunset. After we sat a while the waves looked fun so we headed out to play in them. A lot of them were not too big but as you can see a couple sets came through that were pretty huge. I had some mild anxiety from my experience the day before but you can go under pretty much any wave so we had a great time playing in the warm ocean. I came in a little before the boys. The whole time we had been out there there was an Asian couple out on boogie boards as well. They looked like they were just sitting out there pretty far waiting for the waves to come. After I got out Daren went over to check on them....turns out neither one of them could swim and the man was all tangled up in his leash....woah! Getting in that ocean when you can't swim....gutsy. So Daren and Justin had to help them get to shore....good turn daily...well done boys.

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