Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More surf time!

Today we decided to have another epic Bali surf day. First we took a taksi (that's how they spell taxi here) into Kuta.....crazy crazy traffic here, our taxi actually got hit in all the hayhem of that "intersection". Grabbed some food before hitting the beach, boys are looking real perky at this point (noon :) and Justin's big pre surf meal choice?...chocolate pancakes of course....been missing cake real bad. We rented some boards and hit the beach. The surf was nowhere near as big as Saturday which was great for me, and the boys had fun too. I caught the two best rides of my life....(that's really not saying much) could have just reached back and touched a shoulder high wall of glassy water on one....felt so good! After a while I got out and caught a couple pics of the boys but the tide had gone out quite a bit so no real epic surf pics. Just imagine those waves times 5....haha. I saw them both catch some really great waves. All this epic surf compounded by the balmy air and warm Indian ocean....so fun!

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