Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chill Bali evening

We celebrated our surf sesh, (well I celebrated my survival)with some pizza hut....yumm....Daren had some fin encounters ouy there and was a little cut up, then we went back to the beach to enjoy the sunset and the balmy beach air. Now that it was cooler there were tons of people out. These 3 ladies from Jakarta came and asked if they could take a picture, we thought they wanted us to take a picture of them but they wanted to take a picture with us :) still not sure why.... There were a lot of clouds so not much of a sunset, but it was fun to watch the crazy waves. The beach had an interesting effect as well where when the waves went back out the would meet those coming in and create this fin of water that would run all the way across the beach. Later that night we got some dinner at a place that had a singer. There were some people at the bar but otherwise we were the only group so she took our requests. We heard hotel California and an interesting rendition of country roads by john Denver, don't think it was meant to be sung by a Balinese woman :) still very entertaining!

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