Saturday, February 5, 2011


Tonight we got a crew together to go country dancing at this place we had heard about in Temecula called Stampede. We all piled in the Suburban which made it even more fun.

Lookin' good ladies! The first little while they played country songs and there were lots of line dances and two step songs which was really fun. Some of those line dances are super hard!

In the middle of the night they put on some top 40 music to dance to and I got some great dancing shots.

Jordan came down from LA which was a treat.

Lookin' Good Jenna - Let me see your hands in the air!

Mel boot scoot and boogie'n

Veda let loose and had a great time.

Kate had some amazing dance moves.

Julie brought her ipod since she was pretty sure she would be bored - she was wrong! Had a great time!

Mitch was rocking the dance floor as usual

Before we left Kristen took a ride on the mechanical bull. So awesome!

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