Monday, January 31, 2011

New Years

New Years this year was in Santa Barbara - I think this will be even more of a center of gathering for our family now that the Nelsons are there. Love it!

This picture demonstrates that we can pretty much be happy doing almost anything. Here we are watching the boys do skateboard funny.

I loved watching and playing with Patches - pictured only in the tail.

Justin was riding around with Henry - so cute! We made sure to play tennis every day. We of course never had enough courts so we played a little game that we called "Poor unfortunate souls". We were obsessed with it so we played it pretty much every day.

Later that day we had some great beach time. Mel came up with Veda so she hung with us for new years which was great.

During beach time Sammy Jr. asked Sam Hirt to make a maze on the beach. It was so cute to see him run around in it. Sam Hirt is such a great dad. Katherine and I each took a turn at it too which was really great.

At one point Kim started teaching an impromptu hip hop dance class on the beach which was marvelous. Kim is the best!

This is Daren's new years party outfit....crazy!!!
All kinds of crazy things happened pre midnight on new years eve. Me and the girls did our booty pass, we played I've never and mafia and just before midnight a sweet dance party broke out....our favorite!

So we danced in the new year and it was marvelous! I feel like 2011 is going to be really great!


Fiagle Family said...

man you have been busy!! Your last trip looks awesome so fun and what amazing beaches

Katherine said...

Can it just always be vacation with the fam?

Chris and Cassie said...

love your family! looks like it was an awesome way to bring in the new year. too bad your family got all the dancing genes--pretty much stole them all and left none for the rathgeber's :) lol love you!