Saturday, January 29, 2011

LA MSA Super Fun Weekend

Today Rosie, Mel, Kate and I all headed up to LA for a mid singles activity. In the morning they had a service project where we helped with some tree planting, which was marvelous not only because we were serving but it was also a beautiful day!

Then we headed into Beverly Hills to a super posh mall called the Grove. We spent most of our time in the farmers market part of the mall getting lunch and checking out all kinds of crazy little shops.
We all got something a little different and shared around. Very tasty.

My favorite thing about this mall was just the atmosphere. They had crooners singing old jazz songs playing and there were beautiful flowers and a pond and the buildings themselves made me feel like we were somewhere in Europe.

After we were done at the mall we headed to a friends house to get ready for the evening events.

They had put together this really amazing 1940's style gala. It was held in a chapel in LA that was build in the 30's, so it had a cultural hall that was really beautiful with exposed beams and the chapel had great stained glass windows. Really great building.

As we came in everyone got dance cards. I wasn't sure if people would get into those, but they did and it was great. They had a wonderful jazz band and everyone danced and had a wonderful time!
Rosie made sure her dance card was full and had a great time being spun around the dance floor just like the rest of us. I decided after doing some swing dancing that I LOVE IT! I used to do country swing all the time during college and I am now determined to get back into it.

These are two of our San Diego friends - Micah and Mitch that came up for the occasion. It was really fun to hang with old friends and meet some new people as well. I was really a wonderful night all around.

After the dance we headed over to Moises' house and all four of us crammed into his bed for the night. Jordan is staying with him right now as well, so it was fun to see him. It was a super fun Saturday!


Danielle said...

Whatever Denise! You have the most fun life out of anyone I know!! When are you coming to ride with me?

Katherine said...

SOOOOO fun!!!!