Saturday, January 15, 2011


This morning we got up and drove just outside of the city to see fern gully. It used to be a river bed that dried up but had cut this deep green gully. Really amazing.

After that we drove to Negril on the other end of the north coast. It took a few hours since the max speed limit on the island is 50mph. We found a place in Negril to go scuba diving. We saw a lot of really amazing things. First of all we saw several lion fish which are really poisonous, so we kept our distance. We also saw several things that I have never seen before, even on tv. We saw this skinny crab with really long arm and a triangle body and a fish that looked a lot like a puffer fish but when it swam it had these long front fins that fanned out in this bright purple fans. So amazing!

The water was really clear as well, so it was very interesting to look around and be in a totally different world. Very beautiful.

After scuba diving we drove a little further down the cove to a really famous place called Ricks Cafe. It's this really great outdoor restaurant/bar with cliff diving and live music right on the cliffs so it is said to have the best sunsets on the island. Daren got some good cliff dives in.

The food there was really expensive so we went across the street to a little stand for some really great dinner....much more authentic as well.

Then back to Rick's for a truly stunning sunset! I never get bored of watching the sunset.

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