Sunday, January 16, 2011

Montego Bay

Today we went to church in this little tiny branch in Negril. There was another couple there from Canada and us and this was the whole branch. It was a very nice meeting but pretty hard to understand. As I sat there I was thinking that these are truly faithful saints! In the US we have these huge wards that are really well organized and full of people that are our friends. It is much easier to be a faithful member here. I was very impressed with them.

After church we had another spiritual experience..... We drove back to Montego bay and paid $5 to go to this private beach. I don't think I will ever get bored of this.

More of my favorite beach activities today - mostly reading and napping. Thankfully it was a little cloudy, when the sun did pop out it was scorching!

We walked down the beach to the next hotel over and they had a heated pool that we swam around in for a bit.

When we scuba dived last our guide caught a puffer fish - so Daren gave it a try. Totally worked!

And then....just like on any good beach day, we did jumping pictures.

Another really amazing sunset....just as stunning as the others.

We had talked about going to see Tangled, so we hit up the movie theater on the way back to our hostel and watched it in 3D - loved it! Even though it was my third time seeing it.

We had also tapped out on Jamaican food, so we went all American....excellent!

We stopped at the gas station and got ice cream cones - what a great night! This is the hostel we stayed at when we first got here, not comfortable really, but cheap.


Katherine said...

I bet everyone thought you guys were on a romantic get-away. Ew, a little.

Looks so amazing!!!

Who took all those jumping pics of you guys... I bet that would have been funny for that human... so it was probably on a rock or something huh?

Spankenstein said...

What beach was this?