Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jamaica Day 1

So, 24 hours ago, Daren and I decided to take advantage of a small amount of time he had before he started his new job to go on a quick adventure. At 1am this morning we booked tickets to Jamaica - 24 hours later we were on our way. Crazy!!! Just the way we like it. When we showed up and got our rental car we started driving on the left side of the road and saw this very distinctive liscense plate - 7 - awesome! Simple people - gonna be a good vacation!

I am holding 20,000 Jamacian dollars....which is equivalent to about $230 USD. It felt weird to spend hundreds of dollars on a sandwich. Made me feel like a high roller the whole time I was there.

After spending a rediculous amount of time trying to find our hostel - the police eventually helped us out - we wasted no time in hitting the beach for a little snorkeling. The water was amazing of course.
Daren found a $100 Jamacian dollars stuck to this sea urchin. Sweet!

We saw all kinds of interesting little fish and sea urchins. The water was as clear as a pool which made it even more fun.

And after we swam around a bunch we got to watch a really incredible sunset. This place is dreamy! It is the middle of their winter here - low temperature 76 degrees! Love it!

After the beach we headed for some authentic Jamacian food. Jerk chicken. This place is called the Jerk Pit. It's an outdoor bbq place with tons of chicken and pork on a huge bbq covered in sheet metal - not sure how that helps, but it made it pretty tasty.

That night we went to a big grocery story and checked out all the Jamaican food. We thought these cookies by "Ho-made" were pretty cool. We got all kinds of unusual snacks for our trip.

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