Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beach Day

Today we went to the best beach in Jamaica - Doctors Cove. You can see that Daren is already having a good time.
This was about all that happened today - sleep, read, swim, repeat - perfect!

Out in the water they had a couple of those water trampolines, so we tried those out too.... pretty tough to stay upright.

We stayed until the beach was pretty much empty and watched a really amazing sunset.

Perfect beach day!

After the beach we went back to the supermarket from last night because they had a cafe there that we saw lots of Jamacians eating at. Turned out to be a very authentic experience. Daren had something with mutton - they don't cut the meat off the bones here, they just chop it all up with bones and all....ich! They also eay "rice and peas" with every meal, which it turns out is rice with kidney beans. Not too bad at all.

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