Sunday, September 5, 2010

Taquile and Puno

In the morning we got up.....reluctantly. And headed down to breakfast. We had yummy pancakes....and tea of course, not my favorite.

Here is a view of the kitchen, built of those mud bricks again. They cooked over a small wood fire. She could do amazing things considering the tools she had to work with.

After breakfast we got back on the boat for an hour and headed to our last island, Tequile. It reminded of something in the Mediterranean. The day was so beautiful and the island was covered with eucalyptus trees which I love. Again we hiked to the top of the island.....still hurts my legs! But the walk was really gorgeous.

At the top we came to the main city square. Very cool architecture. I like all the arches they use.

Yet another really cute little kid we saw in the square. So adorable!

The view from the square was also pretty incredible. The lake was so incredibly beautiful!

What a beautiful day! We really enjoyed being in the sun even though it was still cold.

There were lots of these beautiful mud brick arches all over the island.

So.....after Tequile we loaded back on the boat for the 3 hour drive back to Puno. It was nice to have a minute to relax and take in the scenery. We got back to Puno about 3:30 and our bus didn't leave until 9 so we headed into town for some dinner. Charli decided to try Guinea pig....which you see so grossly filleted on here plate.....head and all. I don't hardly every get grossed out, but this was pretty disgusting. We had the waiter at least take it's head off after we got a picture. Check out those gnarly teeth!!!.....gross.

Guinea pig is something that some Peruvians eat in some little random places but more than anything is something they serve for tourists. I tried it.....chickeny. Peru had many other things that were much tastier, but you have to try it at least once I guess.

Then it was back to the double decker bus for the trip home.

Here I am doing a horrible pouting face because these two girls are sitting together and I am stuck in the back by myself with some chico who probably has sleep apnea and had his hands behind his head all night with his elbow poking me....ugh. The bus was also freezing cold and for some unknown reason we had to change buses once and then at one point it stopped for about an hour and there were all these people getting on and off....pretty sure I thought we were going to get killed. It was a rough night but we eventually made it back to Cuzco.

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