Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Down time in Cuzco

This morning when we finally got back to our hostel we were super tired and cold so we all huddled on one of the couches in the main lobby area and watched movies while we waited for our room to be cleaned and ready for us. The hostel had pirated copies of Up and the Surrogate. It was so nice just to sit and veg for a while. Once we got into our room and cleaned up a little we headed out on the town to sight see and finish up our shopping. This is taken in a smaller square, quiet a cool fountain. Just before taking this picture this boy had been pestering me to let him shine my shoes. I was wearing my chacos, but he was very persistent nonetheless. Should have said yes just to see what he would do.

This is a very famous ancient Incan wall which mostly just demonstrates the incredible Incan architecture. This would have been a wall for the home of some kind of royalty because the stones are all cut to fit perfectly with each other and no mud or cement was used to fit them together.

Then we decided to indulge ourselves one more time in a massage. Our Israeli friends from the Islands had told us about this place where we could get a hot stone massage for 15 soles or about $5, so we decided to take their word for it and it was an excellent decision!!!

When we got out of our massage there was all this commotion in the main square so we went to see what it was all about. A parade was starting. We found out later that Sept 8th is their Corpus Christi celebration. Representatives from nearby churches carry in procession their patron saints to the main cathedral. It is a celebration of the catholic church and it's saints.

Many of the groups were wearing really crazy masks and all the groups were dancing.

I'm not quite sure how the monkeys came into play, but I am sure they are honoring their patron saint somehow as well.

We really enjoyed watching this bit of culture. We felt so lucky to happen upon it!

Most of the ladies in the parade wore big colorful skirts.....lots of twirling.

The guy in this monkey suit was even growling and pounding his chest...really got into it.

After the parade we took some more good advice from our Israeli friends and went to Jack's cafe. Not terribly authentic (we have had plenty of authentic up to this point) but really, really good. Dinner was fantastic and dessert was even better. Brownies and carrot cake....yum. What a full and fun day!

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Chris and Cassie said...

That looks like it was an amazing trip! what a fun adventure, that I would have loved to be on with you gals...minus all the HUGE spiders! whoa! i would have my socks tucked in no questions asked. Glad you are back safe and sound. Get all those adventures out of your system now, before you move to Utah and settle down :)