Monday, August 30, 2010

Inca Trail - Day 1

This morning at 5am one of the tour guides picked us up....guess the bus was too big to fit down our street so we walked down to the main square. It was pretty cold, so Charli let me borrow her super multifunctional neck warmer thingy.....

From Cuzco we drove about an hour and half to the trail head. On the way, it started raining, so we all had to get these really great looking plastic ponchos. They turned out to be a big part of our time on the trail.

It stayed pretty rainy all day, but the mountains were pretty amazing and the trail wasn't too difficult.

Along the trail there were several small settlements of people who farm and sell things to people along the trail. At one of these stops we saw this little boy sleeping in a cute! Turns out that ALL peruvian babies are extremely cute.

We saw the first of many Incan ruins. Our guide wasn't the best tour guide, so I don't remember much about them, I think I may have also fallen asleep while he was talking....oops.

At about two we stopped for lunch. There were about 16 of us in our group and we had about 10 porters too, who were all these little tiny peruvian men that could carry these huge packs. They would of course hike way faster than us and set up our tents and make our food. They were really impressive. By the time we got to the lunch spot, we found this all set up, which was nice since it had started raining again. The group consisted of people from Ireland, Canada, UK, US, Australia, Poland and France. Over the course of the trail we became good friends with most of these people.

Along the trail we saw lots of donkeys, they were all packed with gear and all looked a little like Eore.
We got to our camp about 5pm and found our own little tent village set up.

At dinner we realized that one entire side of the table was wearing a chullo (that classic Peruvian beanie). Dinner always started with soup and ended with tea. I didn't really love either but it was warm and on a cold, wet night it was great.

By about 9 we were off to bed. We all squeezed in a little tent, which was acutally warmer. Day starts early again tomorrow morning at 5. Tomorrow is summit day....

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Katherine said...

That little boy breaks my heart a little.

Shoulda road the donkey along the trail...