Sunday, August 29, 2010


This morning in Lima we met up with Charlie who flew in from London to adventure around with us. So good to see her again! We met at the airport and caught a flight to Cuzco.
Just after taking this picture these people stopped us and motioned at their camera, I thought they wanted us to take a picture of them, turns out they wanted to take a picture with us...haha! This was even more funny because these two boys at the Lima airport had asked us for the same thing earlier. Who knew that we would be such a novelty here...

We were SO happy when we got to our hostel finally! We had all been traveling all night long and were supper happy to see a warm bed to rest on.

We headed down to the kitchen to have some coca (cocaine leaf) tea, which is supposed to help with the elevation change. Not too bad actually. Cuzco is at 11,000ft.

While we had our tea we chatted with James, who works for the hostel, he set us up with a two day tour to Lake Titikaka when we get back from the Inca Trail. We found out that he had lived in Provo, Utah with a friend for a while before being deported. He had lots of questions for us, so we chatted about a lot of gospel topics which was really great. We gave him some scriptures to read in his Book of Mormon, which we found out later he didn't read....classic. Still a very nice man and it was fun to have a missionary moment with him.

After a nice long nap we headed out to explore the town a little. Here we are in the main square, with the big main cathedral in the background. The weather is pretty cold, they are in the end of winter here.

We went to a traditional Peruvian restaurant that James recommended, very tasty. Charli had an Alpaca llama dish...not my favorite and Rosey got great trout and we had Inka Cola, a Peruvian soda that tastes a lot like bubblegum. Pretty tasty. After dinner we went to our informational meeting about the Inca Tail which we are starting bright an early in the morning at 5am!


Fiagle Family said...

how awesome! you and all your adventures :)

Lesa said...

Wow! I just can't believe how hard this must have been. Amazing! So glad you were with people you enjoyed getting to know...We are so proud of you!!