Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walking Prague

This is for real! Not a disneyland fake, how incredible! This is the Prague Cathedral. This is where I met up with a group for a walking tour of the city.

In the same square is this astronomical clock which was built sometime in the 15th century. Very complex for that time.

This is the Estates Theater. It is famous becasue Mozart conducted the first show of Don Giovanni here.

This is the Jewish quarter. There are quite a few synagoges left in the city, the tour guide explained that Hitler occupied the city for 7 years, which was plenty of time for him to destroy them all, but his plan was to keep this Jewish quarter intact as a museum of the extinct Jewish race.....twisted.
I got a little history on the Prague castle. It is apparently in use today as one of their government buildings. It was started in 870 and finished in 1926....they certainly took their time. It is also the largest medieval castle in the world....very cool.

I am in Wenceslaus square, you can see a statue of him sitting on his horse behind me. This is the king the christmas carol was written about.

I finished off the day by going to the National Theater to see an Opera, "Vec Makropulos". The theater was amazing, the orchestra sounded fantastic and the singing was really beautiful. The opera had the english translation to read, in the last 10 minutes I figured out that it was about a beautiful opera singer who had found the elixer of life and lived to be 337 and how life had lost all meaning for her. I wouldn't put it in there with the classics, but I am glad I went.

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