Monday, February 1, 2010

Prague Day 1

This afternoon I flew into Prague. Such a beautiful place. I didn't do anything particularly exciting, just wandered around town and checked out the shops and sights.

This is the main street of the new city of Prague, you can see the natural history museum at the end of the road.

I sat down on a bench here to write a post card to Justin and just as I did this bum who smelled strongly of cheap wine came up to me and started saying something in Czeck and put his hand out for money. I only had a few coins for my tour tomorrow so I didn't give him anything. Instead of just going away he just stood there over me while I wrote my post card. I tried to offere him an orange I had just bought but he just pointed to his one tooth and put his hand out for a coin ( apparently oranges are too hard or their alcohol content is not high enough...) For about 5 minutes he hovered over me about 1 foot away while I wrote and held onto my purse and then I finished and walked away. Weird!

I have no idea what this is, but it looks very cool and classically eastern european.

There is the castle in the background.

I got some traditional Czeck food tonight. This is really good braised beef with potato pancakes, very tasty.


Danielle said...

Shops, sights, and drunks in Prague? Sounds like excitement to me! Sorry about Skype the other week... Skype signs me on automatically when the computer turns on. Phil's nephew was using the computer when you tried calling me, I was at work. Would've LOVED to talk to you!
When are you going home?

Fiagle Family said...

you need a where in the world is denise.. where do you have left to visit?? You are close to andrew you can stop for lunch lol. He is an office elder so he needs some excitement. miss you