Friday, February 5, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Can't think of a better way to end an epic adventure than to be with those who made it epic. I gave Lauren a Michael Buble (our obsession) cd for her birthday tomorrow and she gave me a book with all her favorite British recipes and some rocky road...yum.

We all met up at the chapel at they Hyde Park YSA dance. Here is Felicity, Charlotte and James (is that really a smile James??)

Josh, Emily, Loren and Charly.

These are "my ladies". Could not have asked for a better group of friends. I am really sad to leave them. They were not just friends I happend to make because I had no other friends.... well I didn't have any other friends, but I would have picked them even if the circumstances were different. Amazing girls.
After Hyde park we drove into town to Leichester Square (which was not an easy thing even at 2am....the city was just getting going) and wandered around and got some ice cream.

As mentioned, it is Lauren's 26th tomorrow, so James gave her this button which she sported all night and told everyone that it was her very first YSA dance....hehe.

What an fantastic way to spend my last night. With these great people just wandering around the heart of this great city, couldn't have been better.

Special thanks goes out to James, (another failed attempt at a smile, it must be too cloudy for people in Leeds to smile...) if it weren't for him I wouldn't know any of these amazing people.


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