Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goodbye Renee

Getting Renee to her bus was quite an undertaking. If we hadn't have been there, there is no way she would have made it!

By the time we had hauled all the luggage into town we had sore hands and hungry bellies, so we heade to a cafe for some breakfast. Hannah and I shared our meals, so she started calling me wifeie...haha.

She even fed me some of our crepes....haha

So we put Renee on a bus and watched her drive away as we cried.... We were really sad! We have been eachothers everything for the last 5 months. I have been blessed with such amazing friends!

This is the infamous dining hall of Christchurch. A replica was made of this hall to film the first and second Harry Potter movies.

Lewis Carrol who wrote Alice in Wonderland was a math tutor at Christchurch and this window shows Alice in the top left window and along the bottom of the window you can see the characters from his book.

This is the main quad area of the college. This is where Harry first learns to ride his broom.

This is a chestnut tree right outside the library. Lewis Carrol worked in the library and often watched a cat called 'Dinah' in the tree. It belonged to the Dean's daughter Alice, who could also be seen playing in the garden below. "Dinah" became the Cheshire-Cat in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

This is the exit to the college. It was so picturesque.

From there we headed back to Hannahs to watch "Goblet of Fire" and see all the Oxford sights in the movie. This is the view from Hannah's dining room of the financial district of Canary Warf.....amazing!

Her kitchen is also pretty posh. We made ourselves some pancakes.

Yum.....Hannah showed me the Ausie way to eat pancakes with sugar and lemon, so good!

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Danielle said...

Sugar and lemon huh? i'll have to try that for brecky:)