Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Wicked Day Out

Today Renee, Hannah and I started our big day out at the V&A or the Victoria and Albert museum. There was tons of cool history from all different parts of the world. They had statues, paintings, furniture, dishes, fashion and much more. Here we danced around in an 19th century ball room. It felt very Jane Austin-esque.

I got to try on one of those classic hoop skirts. Not really sure why they wanted their hips to be so wide. Some were so wide that they had to turn sideways to walk through doors!

This was a huge blown glass chandelier in the main entry way, really incredible.

There really is something stunning about white marble statues. I really loved this room.

This was another stunning room, tons of tombs as well as these huge pillars.

After the V&A we walked past Harrod's the famous department store. Hey happened to be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz, so all the shop windows were really elaborately decorated with Oz stuff. All their christmas decorations were green....

And this was the topper....ruby slippers and all!

I felt I had a personal connection with the Wicked Witch of the East......nice sock choice.....I may have become a little bit of a tacky tourist.

Then it was time for the topper of the day.... the west end.

The secret of wicked is that it is just as good the second time as the first time around. I am so glad I saw it again!

We bought the cheapest tickets we could for 15 pounds which put us in the 4th row on the very end, but since it was a matinee we moved to the center aisle about 10 rows back to the sixty pound seats and had an amazing view. The show was phenomenal. Singing was fantastic and the costumes were incredible. Such a great show!

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Cassie said...

that all sounds so incredible! so jealous you've seen Wicked twice, and new moon, once. B/c I've seen neither. Glad you're having such a great time. Keep the pics coming! love C