Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This afternoon after Hannah and I briefly recovered from our night shift, we met up with Renee who is in town from Oxford and hopped on a bus to nearby Greenwich. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was amazing!
Our first stop was at the Royal Naval College.....this is just one of the many buildings on the campus. At one point we walked by one building which turned out to be the Trinity college of Music. You could hear opera and a violin and someone playing the piano...all practicing in their respective rooms. Sound proofing was aparently not around when the college was built. I loved it!

Then we went into this other building called the Painted Hall. It was so magical!

The paintings of course were really beautiful, but I think the best part was all the long tables with these great lights on them and the christmas decorations. The atmosphere was stunning!

Then we hiked up to the Prime Meridian....kind of like meeting a celebrity. This little place dictates time for the whole earth!

I got my watch exactly correct.

I even got my picture taken with that famous line.....hehe...0 degrees longitude.

The view of the financial district from there was also really stunning. What a beautiful city I live in!

From there we walked back into town through these beautiful city gates. We wandered around the shops and enjoyed the christmas decorations for a while and then headed to a Mexican food place that came highly recommended.

And we too will recommend it! I was a little wary as I have heard that mexican in England is rice with chili , but after I ate a very tasty burrito I was a happy muchacha.

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