Saturday, December 19, 2009


This morning we got up to find a blizzard out the window! A freak snow storm had come over all the north of Italy. It did make Venice really beautiful
.....and really cold...
In the winter during high tide, a lot of the city floods, so they put up these walkways above the sidewalk so you don't have to walk in the water. It was really crazy because even some of the shops had water in them and even the foyer of St. Marks was flooded. We saw lots of locals shopping in rubber boots.
We didn't do a ton there...mostly just wandered around and enjoyed the beautiful sights.
This is the Rialto bridge which is one of the biggest bridges in town, it has tons of little shops over it.
Along the way, once our shoes were wet, we all bought Wellies (rubber boots) - and it was a good thing we did. In order to get into St. Marks square we had to wade through quite a bit of water. Kind of fun...
We had a lot of fun splashing around in the room for the classic pigeons though.
How weird to live in a city that floods every day!
Here we are in front of St Marks. It is an amazing building - it has all these really stunning gold mosaics covering the ceiling.
After that we took a walk by the water and just enjoyed the scenery and a little bit of sun that was coming through.
Yet another stunning little bridge - the water is a really pretty green color in Venice as well.
Next thing to do was to get some classic Italian food - we got this really amazing pizza
The pizza slices were huge! The crust is really thin though so it doesn't fill you up like American pizza does. yummy!
They also did a really great job of decorating the city. There were tons of Christmas lights on all the little tiny streets. This photo doesn't really capture how fantastic it looks, it was really dreamy. From there we hit the road and headed to Rome.

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Patricia Peterson said...

Amazing pictures. Where Jason is walking on the higher sidewalk (straight on picture) my first thought was that he looks so tall next to those shops and I wondered what the deal was with those. The flooding thing is weird! Strange what people will put up with because that's the way it's always been done? I loved the last picture with the twinkly lights - I imagine it was wonderful. Merry Christmas!