Friday, December 18, 2009


Charlotte came to stay overnight after the was snugglie! She took us to the airport at 4 in the morning.
Unfortunately that wasn't early enough to make our 7:30 flight since ryan air was in total chaos today.... So annoying! 300 pounds and a huge line later we were booked for the next flight at 3pm.
We could finally check in 3 hours before our flight, and thank goodness we did. I had some pepper spray in my backpack (thanks for the birthday present Justin...hehe) which I have traveled with tons, but the security lady decided this time to take out underwear was everywhere! So she found the pepper spray and called the cops over with their machine guns. I had to go into their little room, get full finger prints and give a recorded statement....ha! Just added to the rediculousness of the day.
We were extremely happy once we got into the air.
We finally landed in Milan and figured out our rubbish rental car company and got our Fiat Panda and were on our way to Venice. It was still snowing at this point.
It was so nice to drive....I have totally missed that. We got to Venice a few hours later and checked into a mariott (thanks Jason!) We were sooo happy to finally be there.

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mslovejoy8 said...

Oh my god, the picture with you and the finger is hilarious! I'm still laughing. You have the best look on your face! What a funny story!!