Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years in London

I had to work during the day today which turned out to be lucky because when I got off I just walked right outside to the westminster bridge to where all the action is taking place tonight. By 8pm there were already a lot of people out. Around the London eye is where London has it's equivalent of NYC's Times square. The plan was to meet my ladies out there....which totally fell to pieces, so luckily I ran into my roommate Sarah and her boyfirend Jose.

There was a DJ playing rubbish music so we danced to keep warm. While this was a London party, there were very few Londoners out. It was mostly foerigners. An indian song came on and the bridge was hopping.....then "Jump" came on and there were about 3 of us jumping....hehe.

As seems to be the case with foerigners....the blond hair really does something for them. This Italian asked to take a picture with me just out of the blue. I thought I better at least get a New Years kiss out of the deal... he happily complied.

I must explain the pink sequins. So Lauren and I decided a long time ago that this is the year of the sequin. So we had both gotten our sequins ready before tonight. I am in fact wearing my sequin shirt, it just happens to be under at least 6 layers of clothing, so the headband was just to rock the sequin theme.

I met another group of friends from Columbia....very fun group. We hung around with them through the new year. I love latins!!! At midnight there were kisses on each cheek for everyone. So fantastic.

This is Sarah and Jose. It was really fun to hang out with them tonight. I am really lucky to have found them because all my ladies lamed out on me in the end.

Then the clock struck 12 and the fireworks went mad. It was really cool because they shot the fireworks directly from off the London Eye. It was a great show!

So we welcomed in the new year with Big Ben.

Once all the festivities were over we all started to shuffle off the bridge and it all of a sudden started to snow. Big, white, fluffy, magical snow! It was so dreamy!

A little while after midnight I finally got in touch with the girls who were all over at the Hyde Park chapel at the YSA dance, so I went and caught up with them there. These girls have been one of my favorite things about 2009! What a blessing. We had all previously drawn names for secret santa gifts so we did a little gift exchange and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning chatting. It really was a fantastic New Years, and I feel like 2010 has a lot of promise!

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