Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I worked the night of the 23rd and on the 24th Jason and Melanie explored the city a little and when I woke up I met them at St. Pauls for a christmas choral service.

Jason had been talking about how Londoners all wear the same dark colors and about how he was going to buy a flourescent green hat. Aparently he found one that day at H & M and I immediatly picked him out of the crowd at St.'s bass lake idea of flourescent colored t-shirts really does work!

We were in this massive queue and got 10 people from the front when they stopped letting people in...ouch. I decided to give them a very different yet classic christmas experience and take them to Primark. It wasn't as hectic as I thought but we all got some cheap stuff and then headed to a pub for a classic christmas dinner. Here we are doing Christmas crackers.

It was really great because Hannah and Renee were in town and we had planned to meet up but I hadn't heard from them. I had told them previously what pub we would be eating at and they just happened to wander in and find us there.

After a yummy christmas dinner we walked to the bus over this foot bridge.

There were some really beautiful night views. It was so nice having company in town because we walked all over the place and I really got a better feeling for the city.

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