Wednesday, November 25, 2009

St. Thomas Hospital

This morning I got on the bus, which only takes a half hour to get to work, much better, and showed up outside St Thomas Hospital just in time to hear Big Ben ring 7am. Dreamy!
St. Thomas Hospital was founded sometime in the 12th century and was named after Thomas Becket.
The wall of the HDU (High Dependancy Unit - like a stepdown unit from ICU) is all windows, and this is the view. Not bad! There are 3 nurses on duty and 4 patients in the HDU. I was on extra so I really didn't have that much to do since none of our patients were very sick....although, one lady did cough her guts out today....literally. Her abdominal incision opened a little and when she coughed a bit of her intestines came out. I walked in to see the doctor calmly shoving them back in. A little creepy/cool.

This is the view from the corner Day Room. Once I figure out the routine here I think I am going to really like it.

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Marcilyn said...

that guts thing is DISGUSTING !