Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Goodbye Wimbledon, Hello Southwick

This morning I went on my last run in Wimbledon Park. This is the duck and boating pond.
This trail runs around the whole of the park. There are always lots of people our with their perfectly trained dogs and their two perfect children (one toddler and one infant) - I really think these two thing are requirements for living in this area!

And of course the tennis courts. The famous "Wimbledon Lawn and Tennis Club" is just behind the park.
So I said ado to my home there, packed up all my stuff (which has of course miraculously expanded to fill up both my suitcases and a large hand bag and one grocery bag - I looked rediculous. I headed to the train - annoying! Luckily it wasn't rush hour.
Once I got to Southwick (pronounced Suthick) I was hoping to find a taxi....none. The bus driver thought he knew where to tell me to get off.....never trust directions from a bus driver. After sitting infront of some convenience store tearing up after a taxi service said they couldn't come get me for a while some little old ladies pointed me in the right direction so I started walking - with all my stuff.
My arms are beginning to hurt at this point. Normal sidewalk turned to cobblestone once I got into the neighborhood. My house is on this tiny little street - which no one had heard of and which my map was not helping me find. After asking about 15 people and dragging my luggage over cobblestone roads for literally over an hour I called the office and had someone find where I was and direct me to where I was going. Left the house at 1 - got there at 4. I was so happy to arrive!

Can't see it real well, but there it is! #3! It is a three story house. Four bedroom and four bathrooms on this cute little culdesac. Now that I think about it, this is just the kind of place where people with two perfect little children and a perfect dog would live...better than murderers I guess.
So here it is! My new "home" (for two months). I love iit! I have a double bed and a big wardrobe.

And my very own bathroom....yeah! Everything in there is tiny and reminds me of a cruise ship bathroom, but it's in my room and all mine! Yeah! I think I am going to like being home.

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Daren said...

hey Denise - Sounds like a guh nar moving story but your new pad seems like a shweet deal. That's got to be karma comin' back atchu!