Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Guy Fawkes Celebration

Since Guy Fawkes Day fell on a Thursday they extended the party into the weekend. During the day I met up with Hannah and Renee. Renee is in town from Oxford. It was so good to catch up with them and hear about what they have been doing. That night I met up with Charlottes friend Emily who I met last night. We went to the Guy Fawkes night celebration at Victoria Park.

They have some cool stuff here in London. This giant robot roamed around the crowd all evening equipped with his own sound system with music and classic "robot talk". He was a little creepy when he was coming at you really.

Then the fireworks started. Even more impressive than the ones I saw on Thursday night. They had all these big flame throwers, which was really nice because we were close enough to feel the heat of them and it was really cold!

This was one of my favorite fireworks. It would explode and then all these little tinkerbell sparks would float down and flicker out just above our heads....dreamy!

I also met Lisa and Kelly two of Emily's other friends from Bristol. Emily is really fun, on the walk back to the underground station we got talking about books and she gave me some awesome book suggestions.

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