Sunday, November 15, 2009

London travel on a Sunday

Today I really missed my car.

Had to work today. I have to be there at 7:30. Underground doesn't open until 7 on a sunday which doesn't give me enough time to get there. So I decided I would take an overground train. I got up at 5:15. Left the house at 5:40 to walk to the train station 20 minutes from my house. Caught the 6:12 train, which turns out was closed to the station I needed to go to, so I was redirected to a bus that took me to another bus which was supposed to take me close to work. Once I was on the driver rudely informed me that the bus didn't go there so he told me where to get off to get to the underground. After wandering around lost for a while I found the station and got to work late at 7:40! What would normally take me an hour and 2 pound 20 cost me 8 pounds and 2 hours! Transport here is normally great...but not on a Sunday.

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