Thursday, November 12, 2009


I started off my day in Cambridge by visiting Kings College which is the oldest of the colleges.

Everything about it was majestic. On the left is the chapel which I was able to tour.

The ceiling of the chapel was really amazing. The wooden piece that the organ sits on was a gift to the college from King Henry VIII. They don't have the exact time it was gifted but it has his and Anne Boleyn's initials, so it must have been between during the three years they were married before he had her beheaded....yikes! I really need to read up on that.

Everything inside was just so detailed and ornate. The foundations of the college were laid by King Henry VI in the 1400's!

This is the view of the chapel from the entrance.

This is the endtrance into Trinity College, the largest of the Cambridge Colleges.

The Cam River runs through the campus. There are tons of really beautiful little bridges crossing it and "punting" is very popular there. Which is kind of like the gandolas in Venice. They are wider and flatter and are pushed with a pole by the students.

A picturesque entrance to the college.

The autumn colors were amazing.

This is the clock tower made famous by the movie "Chariots of Fire"

This is a statue of Issac Newton who studied here. The Another famous alum....Charles Darwin.

They planted this apple tree in Newtons honor. I went into the library there and they had a bunch of his things including a lettter Newton wrote to another scientist with a drawing on it of a rock falling to the earth, and the book he wrote, "Principia" where he first outlined the three laws of motion and the law of gravity with his own hand written corrections. So incredible to think about him sitting there in the 1600's writing those things! The library also had one of the original manuscripts for "Winnie the Pooh". The authors A.A and Christopher Robin Milne both studied in the Trinity College.

After that I spent some time just wandering around town, it is a charming little town. I found this really cool old school candy shoppe. So cute!

This is just one of the city streets in the pedestrian shopping district. I saw people with those graduation robes on all over the place, seems like an odd time but must have been a graduation day for one of the colleges.

I ended the afternoon visiting the Fitzwilliam Museum. They had a few pieces from Henri Matisse (who is one of my favorites) and by Picasso and some sketches by Leonardo Da Vinchi. They also had an original score by Handle - incredible that his mind could come up with music for an entire orchestra - truly a gifted man.

I really liked this painting a lot. it is by Crispin van den Brueck. The reason I liked it is because when I see artwork from the 1600's I often wonder if people were just really homely back then or of painting styles just made people look that way. This painting confirmed it for me. People were not so different back then. These look like two guys you would see walking around a college campus today....just trade out the tunic for a hoodie and we could be friends. hehe

This is a sketch by Martin Schongauer called "The tribulations of Saint Anthony". I really liked it because it put into a picture what pride and envy and hatred might look like in an "animal"form. It also liked it because this kind of temptation is very likely what we deal with on a daily basis. We are in a constant battle with some very ugly creatures as Saint Anthony is in this sketch.

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