Tuesday, November 17, 2009

London Temple

Monday night I met up with Lauren and went back to her house with here where we met up with her parents. Her mom had made a really yummy classic english roast, which included roast chicken, roast potatoes and parsnips, brocolli, brussel sprouts and yorkshire pudding with gravy. Very tasty! And even better because it's home made. Her dad told me all about the best places to ski in switzerland. Then I headed out with her parents to drive the hour to the temple. They are so nice to let me stay with them! The lights are all up on the temple for christmas which was beautiful. Tuesday I spent the day in the temple, which was fantastic of course. For all these busy travel and work days it is really nice to have a chance to be quiet and pensive and do something for others.

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Fiagle Family said...

You have so many amazing adventures I am so jealous :) wish I was there ...do you ever have to work?? haha lol