Friday, October 23, 2009

Oxford Street

Today things finally got going with my job. I will be starting next tuesday on a surgical unit for patients that have had cancer tumors removed. Just nice to know I will have a job. I went into the office today to sign a contract to start working! They told me also that there is no company housing available for the next month but that i can rent a room from the owners friend. She lives in a 2 million pound house in wimbeldon....sweet!

So, to celebrate I walked down to Oxford steet close by and did some shopping. Well, not too much since the funds are getting low. It was mostly really crowded. By the time I finally traveled the hour and a half back to Laurens house through a crowded underground I was very happy to not be surrounded by people.
Tonight James (the one who hooked me up with Charlotte and Lauren) came to town and we headed to the cinema. We saw "The Invention of Lies". I would not recommend it, but it was very relaxing after a day of crowds and shopping. There is nothing better than good friends...thanks James!

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