Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Day In

Today I spent most of the day at Laurens house. It was grey and drizzly and perfect for cuddling in pj's. I did go running....but then I shut myself inside.
So by about 4pm Jason was getting to work in the morning and I caught him on gmail chat and was asking him a bunch of questions about how to fix my itunes. So he said to just download this logmein thing and he remotly wired into my computer. Of course, he fixed everything.

It was really funny but some how seeing him fix my computer and move my little mouse arrow around it was like he was here. And when he logged out I felt like he had just left and I felt really sad. Sounds so weird and pathetic but it's true!
So my day was great because I got to spend a couple of hours hanging out with Jason. And he is coming over here as my birthday present and for christmas...yeah!

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Fiagle Family said...

I love seeing all your adventures..looks like so much fun and so many neat old buildings. I love it