Friday, September 18, 2009

Wicklow National Park

This is an Irish national park just south of Dublin. So we have now driven in 10 days around the entire island of Ireland, on about 3 tanks of gas. Pretty small place. We did a hike to what we were hoping was a waterfall. We never did find it but the hike was really nice. It was effectively through a christmas tree forest. Down where we were walking it was really dark so there was hardly any vegitation, but on the tops of these trees were perfect little chrismas trees. The smell was fantastic!
We did find a ton of clovers - wasn't able to find a 4 leafer though...
We mostly spent a lot of time driving around and enjoying the scenery
There were huge open fields with tons of this purple heather. This is where another scene from P.S. I love you took place.
We also saw some excellent sheep specimines....running across the street. Sheep never were faulted with being that smart I guess.

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