Friday, September 18, 2009

Dublin Day 1

Today we spent our first day in Dublin. The first order of business was for me to return the rental car. I really did get quite good at driving stick shift and at driving on the wrong side of the road....go me! Once that was done with we headed to the downtown area to do a little shopping, which really is rediculous since we can only have so much luggage and we were at our limit when we came over here.
We did see some pretty sweet street performers though. This statue guy even had his own pidgeon sitting on him for dramatic effect

So this guy wasn't really doing anything but he looked pretty sweet.

For most of the afternoon we went back to our hostel and relaxed. I shared my cold with Hannah and Renee. (Mine is almost gone...thank goodness!) Hannah and I also tried to figure out our next move. We are thinking northern italy and southern Switzerland. It's stressful being poor. That night we decided it would be super lame if we didn't go out and enjoy some of the Dublin night we hit the town. I will tell you one thing.... it does not matter what you do, if you are wearing tennis shoes, you cannot feel that cute. Cute shoes are key!

We headed down to the Arlington hotel where we heard they had Irish dancing every night. We got there just as it ended....but we did hang around and do some dancing of our own (they love the 80's over here) and met this dreamy character. Meeting a handsome irish man was all part of the experience right. Not much of a dancer but good to look at. So our night out on the town was a successf except for the ugly shoes and the Irish dancers part....we'll try again tonight.

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