Monday, September 28, 2009

A truly Parisian Day

I just want you to know that I ordered this croissant all by myself in French... Charlotte fed me the lines and I did it all alone! Excellent croissant as well.
First item for today was to see Napoleon Bonepart's Tomb. This is the dome above it. There are 13 kilos of gold up there...

This is the tomb of one of his generals. The audio tour we got told us that this is the dying general in the arms of Immortality who is holding a crown of laurels which is a symbol of victory and on either side he is mourned by wisdom and viture. How poetic...
These great giants are outside the entrance to his tomb.

And there it looks rather modern. I didn't realize he was such a contemporary person. He died in the early 1800's. His remains are in there in a tin box inside of an ebony box inside of two led boxes inside of some other boxes and finally this marble one....woah man!

On the wall surrounding the tomb there are all these carvings of Napoleon depicted in the traditional dress of a Roman god. This guy really did think a lot of himself.
I thought these were really beautiful. These are all angels that guard his resting place.

From Napoleon's tomb we did something very! We are not really high fashion like the french (well our cash wouldn't allow us to) but we did hit up some awesome bargain shops. After walking around for about 4 hours we really needed a break. So we plopped down at this little corner cafe. We learned a valuable lesson there. Don't just assume that prices are reasonable. We got the bill for 13 euros for 2 sodas. So that is essentially a 26 dollar drink we are having there. Oh....that hurt!

On many of the streets in Paris they have bike hire stations. You just pay for a bike in a little kiosk and you can take a bike and return it to any of the other stations in town. Lots of locals use them, so we hired ourselves a few bikes and rode around which was really fun and a nice change since our feet were hurting so badly.
Once again this is a poor representation, but at the end of the sunset the sky was literally hot pink! Don't think I have ever seen a sky quite that color.

To finish off the perfect Parisian day we went to a little cafe and had a three course meal. I am eating minced pork pate. It was REALLY good. I had to keep focused on that and not on the fact that I was eating raw pig parts. Yikes. Like I said...really good. While we were there an american guy at the table next to us came over and asked us if we knew of any good restaurants of anything in the are. He thought we might be students there or something. We invited him to join us for dinner once we saw he was by himself. He is from Boston, there at the end of a business trip. He will be touring around tomorrow by himself so we are going to tour around together since Charlotte is leaving early in the morning. Should be good. Oh yeah, our goal was to have a true Parisian meal and take a long time. We stayed three hours! They don't bring you your check here unless you ask for it. Very relaxing.

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