Friday, September 4, 2009

Scottish National Museum

This is nothing in particular, just the view....the city skyline is absolutly fantastic!

After this I made my way to the Scottish National Museum. It was mostly outlining the history of Scotland from early society to the modern days. It was one of the best museums I think I have ever been to. The structure itself was beautiful and they had a lot of really interesting things there. For example, this is the sword of Robert the Bruce, who was the successor to William Wallace.

And a machine used for chopping off heads… Very commonly used as public entertainment.

And then this was rather interesting. Dolly the sheep. She was cloned just north of Edinburgh.

After about 4 hours of walking around the city, I was ready for some liquid refreshment. This is Irnbru....a classically scottish drink. No one is really sure what it is, but it is electric orange soda.....kind of like cream soda. Pretty good.

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Brit said...

I told you! IrnBru!