Friday, September 4, 2009

End of Walking tour

We passed by this tavern and our tour guide shared with us the true story of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. He lived in Edinburgh and was a cabinet maker for the wealthy, a prominent citizen of Edinburgh and also a locksmith. So for some reason he got it into his head that he would make cabinets during the day and rob his clients at night. He had copies of all their keys so he could rob them with out any sign of forced entry. This went on so long that the city decided it was time to form a committee to stop the thief. Being an upstanding citizen, he was put at the head of the committee. And of course as all good crime stories end, he was caught on his last big heist of the cities tax building. He fled the country and was in hiding for the rest of his life.

From there we walked to the gardens of the city. This is a monument there to Sir Walter Scott.

They also have a fully functional clock made completely out of flowers. This is important to every great city….hehe

You can see that the grass was incredibly green and the flowers were absolutely stunning. Well, this is the location of a medieval sewage lake…very well fertilized. So that was the end of our tour…

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