Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The LONG journey back to the UK

We are still rather chipper at this point.... We got to the airport extra early to account for all the weight shuffling we would certainly have to do. In the end it took about an hour to figure it all out. We really needed to study for our exam as well this morning so we figured we would be more focused if we were stuck at the airport. Turns out we had a lot of fun and just laughed a ton. I have a sign that says, "The League of Nations Tour '09". Some old guy in Tarbert had called us that since we were all from different countries. Hannah has one with all the weird Ausie stuff she said...
-"Breakie" - Breakfast
-"Swimmers" - swim suit
-"Pushie" - a bike
-"Sultanas" - another name for raisins
-"Blowie" - hair dryer
-"Sanga" - sandwich
-"Sunnies" - Sun glasses

Renee only had one weird Canadian saying..."Toque" - beenie.

Looks like I was the only normal one on the trip...I was the glue that held this weird nation together. We would regularly die laughing when Hannah would spit out one of these words we didn't understand and look at us like we were crazy. When I asked her what a sultana was she repeated it and when I still didn't understand she actually repeated it slower like I was completly dumb....I died laughing.

So in order for Hannah to be able to fit her bag in the overhead bin and not have to check it she was literally wearing 7 layers of clothing and hiding the majority of her stuff under those layers. She looked extremely lumpy!!!

We did get a really amazing view of the city from the plane. What a great adventure!!!! It was all about to get really terrible though. Once we got back to Bristol we decided we didn't want to pay for a hostel since we would only be there for a few hours. We had to be back in Bournemouth this morning for our exam. So we decided to take the train last night. We knew that there were no direct trains and we would have to make 4 changes, but we didn't realize just how horrible it would be...

Here we are at two thirty in the morning when we had to change trains in the middle of nowhere and the English guy at the train station was being insane and kicked us out of the station. He said, well at least its summer and it's warm.....whatever!!! Do we look warm to you! We were freezing for about 2 hours until the next train came. Then when we got on that one the conductor asked for our tickets and because we had just gotten a return ticket going the same way we got to Bristol and we weren't going that same way we had to pay for a whole new ticket. I had to pay 20 pounds....about 40 dollars!!! There were cuss words flying in my head! Cold, tired, poor. ahhh!
Good news is we got to our test and I passed and I threw my book away. Freedom!!! Now I am back in my little attic with Charlott...my home away from home...

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Danielle said...

Oh tell me about it!! You think they speak English here in OZ? Nope, it's a weird slang version. Everyone looks at me like i am from Mars when I don't know that this arvo means this afternoon or tomoz means tomorrow. What else do I get?? Boardies instead of boardshorts. Cossie for a girl's swimsuit. Everything in shortened here too... the grocery store is Woolworth's and they call it Woolies. McConalds is MacA's.

Rough, should have bought a Aussie slang guide.
Glad you are having fun!!