Monday, September 21, 2009

Touring Dublin

This is the main quad of Trinity College which is the oldest university in Ireland, founded in the 16th century. They were having essentially their freshman orientation so we wandered around and checked out all the clubs and societies they had. Pretty much the same as anywhere else. It really made me miss college. What a fun time!
Our original plan this morning had been to go on a walking tour of the city. We got to the meeting place for the walking tour to begin and were informed by someone that the tour guide had an asthma attack, so it was cancelled....blast! Blast #2....the Dublin castle was closed. Too bad, we had heard that it was pretty amazing.

We did see this really cool gate outside in the gardens though...

Next we wandered by St. Patricks Cathedral. We decided not to pay to go do you charge to go into a house of God. Renee had gone to church there on Sunday. She said they just covered up the gift shop with sheets....weird.
Out in the courtyard of the cathedral is the burial place of James Joyce, a famous Irish writer best known for writing "Ulysses"

We continued walking and came across their city park. Incredible!!! It is almost sad to see such a beautiful place where it rains the majority of the year. There were plenty of people out enjoying it today though. Plenty of swans and ducks out too. So fantastic!

This is a monument to the Oscar Wilde, another Dublin born writer and playwrite who is most famous for "The Importance of Being Earnest". Seems like kind of a weird statue, but from what I have heard about him he was a pretty weird guy.

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