Saturday, September 5, 2009

London Temple

Friday night after my big day in Edinburgh I got on an overnight bus and headed south to London. I figured it would be pretty miserable, but it ended up being fine. I got the three seats to myself in the very back of the bus. So it wasn't great sleep but at least I could lay down. I left Edinburgh at 10:30 and got to London about 7. From there I took another train to meet up with Charlotte who was in London taking pictures for a friends wedding. Weddings here are a little big of a long event because every person has to be married in a place where the queen can attend, so they have to have a wedding ceremony at the chapel and then go to the temple after. So all the festivities started at about 10am. Luckily Lauren, one of the other girls I met last week at convention, was there to keep me company. We got to the temple at about 2 and were there until about 5. I took the opportunity to do a session in the temple. So beautiful! What is just as remarkable about this temple is its extensive grounds.
There is this beautiful little duck pond just right outside.
Here I am with Charlotte and Lauren. I have only known them for about a week now, but we have become really good friends. They are so fun!
Lauren's parents are on a mission to be in the temple presidency right now, so we had lunch at their flat. This is their!
Here you see Charlotte taking pictures and the couple that were being married. Lauren and I were totally wedding crashers. We didn't know anyone there but Charlotte, and we were there as her "helpers" The couple were so nice to let us be there. At five we left to go to the reception, which was supposed to start at 7 and didn't start until 8. They had a really good dinner and tons of desserts. So good!!! They did a lot of toasts and other things after that. By 10:30 they were just setting up the dancing so we decided it was time to duck out since we had to drive two hours back to Bournemouth. Quite a party.

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Stephanie said...

That's awesome you got to go to the temple! I love looking at your blog ;) Keep up the posts!