Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bristol to Ireland!

After class on tuesday Hannah, Renee and I got on the train to Bristol... Yeah for travel buddies! This is just the train station, how beautiful!
So the thing we did most in Bristol was get lost! We spent about an hour wandering around trying to find our hostel, got different directions from about 5 different people and luckily stumbled upon it in the end. We did get to see a lot pretty scenery as we wandered around

Here she is. the Bowl N' Motel. It is above an old bowling alley, kind of cool. We weren't so excited about it after wandering around for an hour with our stuff though

After we got our hostel figured out we went and wandered down to the "floating harbor" basically a part of town with lots of restaurants and pubs right on the river front and got some really good/cheap dinner

Here we are at 5:30 the next morning getting our stuff situated to catch an 8am flight. We got 20 pound round trip tickets on ryanair!! They do tons of promotions like this but are very strict about your luggage. One carry on allowed (only 10 kilos). We had to repack our bags about 3 times at the airport to make it all work out. In the end I was wearing most of my clothes and carrying all of Hannahs toiletries in my coat pocket... but we made it!!

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