Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So the rest of the day in Glasgow was spent mostly wandering around and just enjoying the views of the city. This is one of the main shopping areas in town
I dropped in here at the Museum of Modern art. Really great, and small which is sometimes what I need to enjoy a modern art museum. It was also built in this really old building that used to be the private residence of a wealthy Scottish man.
This is George Square. My guide book didn't really give me any further information about the buildings and monuments here, but one of them is a war memorial and I am not entirely sure what that big building is in the back, I am sure some kind of government building.
This is the Rogano restaurant. I guess one of the things the city was founded on was ship building. This restaurant was built in the same style as many of the ships build here in the 1930's. Really interesting designs on all the walls and everything. I of course only got hot chocolate and used the bathroom, but it was a really beautiful building.

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