Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So this is the house where Sandy and his parents, Brother and Sister Brown so graciously let me stay! Fabulous! I had a big room upstairs with a big bed all to myself. Dreamy. Besides the house being great, they were all so nice!! Couldn't have been better. So blessed to have met them.
Wednesday night Sandy took me on a hike up a hill near his home town. Not too many mountains in Scotland, but lots of hills, which was fun because from the top you can see for miles! The hill was called Falkland Hill. This is the city of Falkland just at the base of the hill. Tiny!
This is Scottish salvation.
After we hiked the hill he took me into the little village of Falkland. He spent some time living there as a small child. They lived in an old home with a thatched roof which was directly across the street from this huge castle. I kept saying to him...."I cannot believe that people actually live like this, it was so dreamy!
We walked a bit further into town to where there is this huge cathedral in the city center. We couldn't go in anything because it was probably eight at night at this point. We spent a little longer walking down this tiny little street until at the end he showed me this little park they used to play in. I wish I could have taken a picture but at this point it was too dark. The park was at the end of a long drive just past a little cottage. There was a little duck pond under a huge shade tree. The pond had a small stream running into it over a ledge so there was this little waterfall. I tell you what, it was so romantic with the pond and the waterfall and being in this little town in Scotland at dusk, if there had been any spark there at all it would have been an explosion, but alas....there was none. I might just have to go there on my honeymoon or something though, it was really fantastic.


Kristi said...

Darn! I was hoping for a spark!

Stephanie said...

I'm sure HE was wishing you had some bit of a spark!!! ;)