Friday, September 11, 2009


Next on to the port city of Cobh right on the southern coast. Such a cute little coastal town. It was again a really fantastic, warm, sunny day which added to our enjoyment of pretty much everything.

This was the sight of the sinking of a huge ship by a torpedo during WWII, the Lithuania. I think something like 700 people died in a matter of 18 minutes as the ship sank, this is a memorial to those who lost their lives.
This is the White Star Line building....this is where the Irish passengers of the Titanic would have boarded the ship. For many of them it was the last time they would set foot on dry ground.

Renee and I infront of the door to the White Star Line building. Don't you just love my fanny pack!!! I feel a little geeky each time I put it on, but it is so incredibly functional!

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csperriton said...

You make the fanny pack look cool, Denise! :)