Friday, May 31, 2013

Tsukiji fish market

We started the morning EARLY this morning getting up at 315 am to catch a taxi to the fish auction. Only the first 120 people are permitted to watch the auction thst begins at 530. We got there and they gave us each a blue vest and then we sat and waited forever. We sat and talked with Dan from Portland who is a neurosurgery resident/base jumper....very interesting to chat with him. So eventually they came and filed us into this huge warehouse where we watched them auction off these massive tuna for the sushi restaurants. Quite a bit of theatrics and hand gestures to it all. It seemed like the New York stock exchange of tuna. Very interesting to witness. Don't thing I've ever in my life seen fish that big! When the auction was over they filed is out through this crazy busy market with little carts driving all around and past this massive pile of Styrofoam they were grinding up and back to the sleeping streets.....just another totally crazy thing about this city!

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